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WHAT ABOUT BOB?: Banish highlights night at Jamestown Speedway

Bob Banish Jr. (65) and Shawn Becker (56) race two-wide into Turn 1 on Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun1 / 3
Jamestown Speedway track personnel Jeremy Towe (right) and Travis Edinger (kneeling) attend to the car of Bismarck's Mike Dowling during a Dakota Legends heat race on Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Dowling was OK after a hard impact with the track's concrete wall. Michael Savaloja / The Sun2 / 3
Travis Traut (84) and Scott Bintz (1s), both of Jamestown, battle for position during Saturday's heat races at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun3 / 3

Bob Banish Jr. finally slayed the beast.

The 33-year-old driver from Milnor, N.D., had been trying to win a feature race at Jamestown Speedway since 2003. He was one happy man here on Saturday.

Banish led all 20 laps of the WISSOTA Street Stock feature from the outside of the front row, holding off Dustin Erickson, Rory Opp, Billie Christ and Jodie Michaelsohn—all past Jamestown winners in the streets.

"I've been trying for 14 years to win a feature here, and I finally got one tonight," Banish said. "Just about any car in that field can win on any given night. They all know what they are doing, and if you slip up they are going to capitalize on it."

Banish protected the track's high line, which became the place to be after a brief rain shower prior to the night's features helped produce hammer-down conditions up top. Erickson finished second after also starting up in the top groove in fourth, while Opp came from seventh to third.

"I've always been told if you start on the front row you should win," Banish said.

Banish began his racing career in the bombers and moved up through the ranks from street cars to modifieds. He jumped back into a RaceStar Chassis street machine this season after transitioning from WISSOTA A-mods to IMCA A-mods with Jamestown Speedway last summer.

Banish finished as high as fifth—twice—with his modified in Jamestown last season.

"We ran it last year as an IMCA and it just wasn't the same anymore," Banish said. "So we said, 'Let's go back to the streeter. We used to be pretty good at that.'"

Traut, Jacobson, Grimes, Hoff all victorious

Travis Traut also won from the outside pole on Saturday. The Jamestown WISSOTA Midwest Modified driver led the 20-lap B-mod feature from start to finish, marking his first win on his home track since winning his first career feature race here on Aug. 29, 2015.

Traut has missed two of Jamestown Speedway's first five programs to start the year. He held off Lucas Rodin, who was looking for his second Jamestown B-mod win of the summer, in the closing laps.

"We weren't able to race much (earlier) this year, and we've been saying how we had to get back out on the track and start making some laps again," Traut said. "It felt good."

Jamestown's Corey Jacobson led the only lap that mattered in the bombers. Jacobson went high to pass Leann Christensen while exiting Turn 4 with the checkered flag in the air.

Jacobson passed Billy Carow, Kasey Ussatis and Christensen in a final four-lap shootout following a scary red-flag incident involving Jamestown's Charlie Christ. Christ broke an axle and rolled off the top of Turn 2 while battling Ussatis for second.

Christ appeared to be OK, but he was later taken to Jamestown Regional Medical Center for further observation.

"I hope Charlie's all right. He's a heckuva runner and I hate to see anybody go through something like that," Jacobson said. "I just thought, 'You know, my tires cooled off, let's get on top and see what happens."

Jamestown's Jason Grimes led 16 of 20 laps to win the 19-car IMCA Modified feature after starting 11th. Grimes threw a dandy of a slider on leader Randy Tarno on the exit of Turn 2 to lead Lap 5 to the finish.

The bold pass for the lead came courtesy of the race's only restart. Lucas Rodin and Jarrett Carter followed Grimes to the front, capturing second and third after starting 12th and 10th, respectively.

"I've raced Randy quite a few years, and he's generally not driving in too deep on top," Grimes said. "So, I took advantage of it and here we are."

Troy Hoff, of Flasher, N.D., won the Dakota Legends Tour feature from fifth on the grid. The race's pole sitter, Bismarck's Dauntae Martin, captured second.

"This track was built for me," said Hoff, who led 15 of 20 laps. "I love tacky, wet tracks and the car worked beautiful on it."

Jamestown Speedway

June 17 Results

IMCA Modifieds

Feature: 1. Jason Grimes; 2. Lucas Rodin; 3. Jarrett Carter; 4. Josh Eberhardt: 5. Randy Tarno; 6. Eric Edwards; 7. John Corell; 8. Andrew Michel; 9. Rusty Kollman; 10. Marcus Tomlinson; 11. Trent Grager; 12. Greg Friestad; 13. Crist Pittenger; 14. Ryan Schroeder; 15. Myles Tomlinson; 16. Josh Anderson; 17. Dwight Wegner; 18. Terry Sahr; 19. Tony Marsh.

Heat 1: 1. Rodin; 2. Schroeder; 3. Corell; 4. Wegner; 5. Marcus Tomlinson; 6. Anderson; 7. Marsh.

Heat 2: 1. Kollman; 2. Carter; 3. Tarno; 4. Michel; 5. Friestad; 6. Myles Tomlinson.

Heat 3: 1. Eberhardt; 2. Grimes; 3. Edwards; 4. Pittenger; 5. Sahr; 6. Grager.

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: 1. Robert Banish Jr.; 2. Dustin Erickson; 3. Rory Opp; 4. Billie Christ; 5. Jodie Michaelsohn; 6. Kyle Anderson; 7. Troy Nelson; 8. Matthew Kropp; 9. Matthew Lesmeister; 10. Chris Ritter; 11. Mike Mund; 12. Tristan Johnson; 13. Tyler Schrenk; 14. Shawn Becker (DNF); 15. Jay Schlotfeldt (DNF); 16. Josh Ganser (DNF). DNS: Brian Hanson.

Heat 1: 1. Banish; 2. Christ; 3. Mund; 4. Michaelsohn; 5. Lesmeister; 6. Becker; 7. Kropp; 8. Hanson; 9. Johnson.

Heat 2: 1. Opp; 2. Erickson; 3. Anderson; 4. Ganser; 5. Schlotfeldt; 6. Nelson; 7. Schrenk; 8. Ritter.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1. Travis Traut; 2. Lucas Rodin; 3. Ryan Lehr; 4. Nate Reinke; 5. Joey Rowell; 6. Scott Bintz; 7. Eric Edwards; 8. Aaron Michel 9. Royce Jawaski; 10. Andy Kap; 11. Brennon Weight; 12. Jim Morlock; 13. Preston Carr; 14. Jeff Schwind Jr.; 15. Jay Sahr; 16. Arin Beyer; 17. Jason Thoms; 18. Dave Peterson; 19. Tyler Schrenk; 20. Lindsey Hansen; 21. Caleb Johnson; 22. Cameron Bintz; 23. Shannon Schlenker.

Heat 1: 1. S. Bintz; 2. Traut; 3. Schwind; 4. Kapp; 5. Schlenker; 6. Sahr; 7. Peterson; 8. Hansen.

Heat 2: 1. Rowell; 2. Lehr; 3. Schrenk; 4. Morlock; 5. Jawaski; 6. C. Bintz; 7. Beyer (DNF); 8. Carr (DNF).

Heat 3: 1. Michel; 2. Edwards; 3. Rodin; 4. Reinke; 5. Weight; 6. Thoms; 7. Johnson.


Feature: 1. Corey Jacobson; 2. Leann Christensen; 3. Jason Miller; 4. Cory Rodin; 5. Kasey Ussatis; 6. Billy Carow; 7. Ashley Wampler; 8. Erik Busche; 9. Lane Stoppleworth; 10. Ryan Ost (DNF); 11. Charlie Christ (DNF); 12. Tony Smith (DNF); 13, Clay Gentzkow (DNF). DNS: Austin Geigle, Brandon Michel.

Heat 1: Stoppleworth; 2. Christ; 3. Rodin; 4. Christensen; 5. Miller; 6. Gentzkow; 7. Michel; 8. Wampler.

Heat 2: 1. Jacobson; 2. Ussatis; 3. Carow; 4. Geigle; 5. Busche; 6. Smith; 7. Ost.

Dakota Legends

Feature: 1. Troy Hoff; 2. Dauntae Martin; 3. Donavin Wiest; 4. Preston Martin; 5. Brian Hanson; 6. Dylan Johnson; 7. Tim Estenson; 8. Andrew Jochim; 9. Kevin Jensen; 10. Casey Martin; 11. Nate Keena; 12. Sean Johnson; 13. Austin Wiest; 14. Tye Wilke; 15. Tony Brockhouse; 16. Cole Stevens; 17. Travis Martin; 18. Jordan Zuraff; 19. Jerret Julsrud; 20. Trent Tidaback; 21. Alex Kukowski (DNF); 22. Carson Dowling (DNF). DNS: Mike Dowling.

Heat 1: 1. Hoff; 2. D. Wiest; 3. Jensen; 4. P. Martin; 5. Kukowski; 6. Johnson; 7. A. Wiest; 8. T. Martin.

Heat 2: 1. Estenson; 2. Johnson; 3. C. Martin; 4. Tidaback; 5. Julsrud; 6. Brockhouse; 7. Zuraff; 8. Jochim.

Heat 3: 1. Stevens; 2. D. Martin; 3. Hanson; 4. Keena; 5. Wilke; 6. C. Dowling; 7. M. Dowling.