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Letter to the editor: Recycling Center should accept glass

The Sun story published Thursday confirms that glass is no longer being accepted at the recycling drop site. Many people have told me they are upset about this new development by the local recycler, Recycling Center of North Dakota. I share their views and believe the decision to refuse all glass needs to be reversed.

First, we told the public that curbside recycling and pay-as-you-throw garbage collection were in the public interest, worth the cost and would reduce material going to the landfill, thus saving money in the long run.

More than that, the reason I believe the Recycling Center of North Dakota needs to reverse its decision is found in the contract between it and the city of Jamestown. That contract, entered into on April 7 after months of negotiations, says:

“Center shall collect the following additional material at its drop-off center: Clear, Brown, Green and Blue Glass

Whether the market will take glass at this time is of no matter. By contract, Recycling Center of North Dakota is obligated to receive it.

(Buchanan is a city councilman on the Jamestown City Council.)